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Understanding the Key Responsibilities of a Website Designer

on January 29, 2014

To begin with, a website designer is responsible for typography and needs to take care of fonts, line length and kerning. He/she may also be expected to avoid complications, which might arise if fonts other than the ones considered safe for browsers, are used. Chances are that the responsibilities include the whole of visual aspect and not just a part of it, typography that is. Simply put, it is the designer who must decide on the layout and think of a suitable colour scheme.

It’s worth mentioning that when working for a relatively small business, the designer may have to double as web developer. And since a designer is likely to have working knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, doing so may not be much of a problem. In case of a large business, however, the responsibilities may be limited to the visual aspect alone. There, the designer might get to work closely with the developer. That being said, the designer’s line of work may also require him/her to ensure that the standards are conformed to.

The standards here may be related to the layout of the page or might have something to do with the coded elements, depending entirely on the situation. For that matter, the standards must also be met in terms of readability. That pretty much sums up what a designer does, of course in addition to ensuring that the design turns out to be a user experience one.


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