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3 Questions to Ask to Distinguish between 2 Types of Cheap Website Designers

on April 8, 2014

There are website designers who do your work for a low price. And then there are those who also don’t (necessarily) charge much, but do let go of the quality. Technically, both are cheap – both meet your requirements within your budget. But, the question is can you tell one from the other? Yes, you can. Just look for the answers to these questions and that should do.

1)      Do they care for your users?

It’s one thing to start your search for a cheap website designer by taking a look at the price tag, but make sure that’s not where you stop. Try and find someone who doesn’t simply fill out the page with content, with no white space whatsoever. Come on; the users need a break, at least a visual one. Just because the designer is in hurry, thanks to hundreds of cheap (money-wise) projects that he probably has on hands, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t space out the lines a bit so that the users can read with ease – isn’t that what you want – that they actually go through whatever it is that you have to say?

2)      Are they willing to experiment?

If they go by the book, they are no good. Choose among cheap website designers with a thing for experimentation – those who may put in some parallax scrolling effects – those who may play around with typography – those who don’t mind giving the poor “fixed navigation bar” a chance.

3)      Are they good at storytelling?

No doubt, you are desperate to tell the users what you do, what you have in store for them and why should they buy it from you. But you can’t just straightway bombard them with this information. You need to weave a story (with nice images and information worth sharing) or in other words, get one weaved from your designer. Can they?

Perhaps you can ask yourself the same questions when you are looking for a cheap web developer. At least, you can try.


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