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10 Tips to better website design which can attract more visitors

on July 28, 2014

When designing an ecommerce website, there are plenty of things to take care of. Online retailers make many mistakes while they design their sites, which of course, can be avoided with careful planning.

Here, 10 tips are provided which can help when you are planning ecommerce website design.

  1. Provide information about the product: People can’t shop if they are not provided with detailed information about the product on your site. As they can’t touch and feel the product, like in a physical store, they would want to gather appropriate information about the product. Depending on the type of product you sell, try to provide relevant information so that the customers can make a shopping decision easily.
  2. A smooth checkout process: A checkout process should ideally include a page where consumers can check their order and fill in their billing and shipping details along with a confirmation page before they submit their order. Customers can lose interest if you make this process any longer.
  3. Register after order: Don’t ask them to register before they can place an order as this can drive them away. Instead, provide them with the option to save their account information with you for future orders or to track the order status.
  4. A good search engine: The search feature of your site should have filters so that customers can refine their results according to their requirements. You can explore for plugins to extend the functionality of the search engine.
  5. Provide Customer Service options: You should be able to provide very clear information to your customers if they have a need to contact you regarding returns, replacements, cancellations or for any other reason. Posting a FAQ is a good idea.
  6. A sleek shopping cart design: Your cart should be able to let a consumer add a product without leaving the page they are on. It would be a great design if the customers can edit the quantities of items from their cart itself.
  7. Number of payment options: Consumers have varied preferences, so you should be able to provide as many payment options as possible. You can include all major credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks and PayPal along with other options.
  8. Smooth navigation: Plan your categories and navigation elements in such a way that visitors can reach the product they are looking for easily.
  9. Show your shipping rates: Whether you calculate shipping charges based on weight or offer flat shipping rate, consumers should know this information before they submit their order.
  10. Include related products: To increase add-on sales for your business an ecommerce platform that lets you add related products should be used.

Ecommerce design and development is a huge subject, this list just highlights some of the major issues. To maximise revenue potential, online retailers need to optimise their sites for consumers too, and not just for the search engines. Website design improvements, along with content development and search engine optimisation, can provide major boost to business sales.


One response to “10 Tips to better website design which can attract more visitors

  1. Saqib Syd says:

    In short, do very clever designs!

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