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How to Conduct A TELOS Study to Find Out If a Web Design Is Truly Affordable

on September 8, 2014

A good web design is easy to identify, because it:

  • has legible text,
  • ensures that the users can navigate without any difficulty
  • comes with some world-class graphics,
  • and is within your budget (read: affordable)

But what if affordability overshadows the rest of the above? Should you still go ahead with a so-called affordable web design, knowing that it can cost you dearly in the long run? More importantly, how do you find out if it’s even worthwhile?

Conducting a TELOS (Technical, Economic, Legal, Operational, and Scheduling) Study may help. This is what it calls for:

  • Start by setting the expectations. Is it technically possible to create the kind of design you have asked your designer to come up with? For instance, if you are looking for a responsive web design, can the designer create one for you, without exceeding your budget? If not, why? Has your business been assessed to determine the technical feasibility of the design? Is there a possible solution to ensure that the final version is more or less the same as what you expected?


  • You may have opted for an affordable web design, but have you done a cost/benefit analysis to make sure you are not overspending? Tip: Quantify the benefits to get the (clear) picture!



  • Are you sure that the designer is not simply copying the web design of another site, or using a paid template without authorisation? In short, are you in for some legal trouble?
  • Does the proposed design serve its purpose? If so, to what extent? How well it’s likely to perform on these fronts?
    • Durability
    • Sustainability
    • Maintenance
    • Productivity
  • If the designer takes too long to deliver the desired outcome, would the design still be useful?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can easily determine whether or not you have chosen the right designer for your project, and if the design is “affordable” or “expensive”.


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