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3 Website Design Trends of 2015 You Can’t Simply Give a Miss

on June 24, 2015

Years are rolling by and no doubt, every new year is marked by some better and more significant website design techniques that manage to revolutionize the way those website designers around the world create web designs and templates. While fonts, like Arial, Trebuchet and Tahoma made and presentation tools, like Parallax, short videos and infographics made it through the year 2014, here are some web design trends that modern web designers can expect to encounter in 2015.
Present Slideshows and Galleries
It goes without saying that large, profound images catch everyone’s eye and when it comes to business websites on the web, they do make a difference. With increasingly popularizing idea of responsive web design, it’s become an essential need to make a website look great and provide an unparalleled user experience no matter the platform or device being used. Immaculate galleries and dynamic slideshows are being noticed to make their way to most websites on the web.
Hide Those Main Menus
Hidden main menus, which you may call another interesting technique of responsive design, can be seen on more and more websites. Main menus are kept hidden on the home page to be discovered by visitors when they actually find the website appealing to them and show interest in knowing more about the site or company.
Go Big with Typography
Large headings and typography really pull it off last year and the trend seem to be around in 2015 as well. Large typography right on the home page is something that can’t be simply passed up. The fact that large things always grab our attention first makes this trend go all the way. Go large with your headings and typography, you’ll won’t fail to impress visitors with the great visual statement your website makes.
It won’t be wrong to say that these web design trends are certainly going to help modern as well as old designers with their diverse design and development needs in 2015. Moreover, having gone through these trends if you wish to get an appealing website, there are a number of experienced design individuals and firms out there that provide cheap web development and web design solutions.


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