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Website Launch Checklist: Have You Got It All Covered?

on September 22, 2015

Creating a website doesn’t come easy to designers and developers. From creating an engaging web design to adding robust functionalities, every single element calls for utmost diligence and ingenuity. And even after a website is developed and ready to launch, there’s a lot to consider and accomplish.
Launching a website can be as stressful as exciting it is. A number of websites hit the web daily, but fail to make an impact because of a number of reasons including design imperfections and functionality issues that have a direct effect on website’s credibility and authority. For a successful launch of your website, it is required to pay attention to a ton of detail.
That being said, if you’re a website designer, developer or a business owner with the launch or re-launch of your website just around the corner, consider these pointers to ensure a successful website launch.

  • Check your content for errors. Spelling and grammar mistakes, typos, improper punctuation marks, no matter how minor or major, can take a heavy toll on your website’ credibility. Form formatting to quality, have your content proofread by a number of individuals before it goes live.
  • Create a favicon for your site. The tiny yet vital icon that identifies your website on the tab or window it is opened helps a lot with brand recognition.
  • Before going live, have your website checked across multiple platforms (browsers) to ensure it looks good and works efficiently on all devices, providing a great user experience.
  • While titles and meta tags do not serve a significant purpose, they highly affect their decision to click/open the respective link for your site. So they better be precise, and relevant enough to grab your audience’s attention.
  • Perform a functionality check to ensure everything from contact forms to links included work smoothly.

Ensuring these points will only make sure both you and your audience would not have to face unpleasant surprises. Nevertheless, launching is just the beginning and errors (if any) could be fixed even after the launch with the help of professional website designers and developers.


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