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5 Simple and Quick Web Design Tricks for Beginners to Try

As a beginner, it’s always a bit challenging to create intriguing and professional designs. However, over time, every website designer happens to build its own collection of tricks, hacks and workflows to not only create designs but also bring them to life with their experience and knowledge.
Moreover, until you build your own effective design tricks and hacks, we’ve got you some secrets and tricks that can help you improve your design and speed up your workflow.
Collect Color Inspiration
A designer needs to be wise while choosing colors. Cohesive color schemes can make a huge difference to the visual appearance of a website. To create inspired color schemes, put together varied color palettes and match up colors strategically.
Use GuideGuide
Grids are the building blocks of a website. However, setting up new grids each time you design in Photoshop, can be a tedious task. GuideGuide extension in Photoshop is what makes dealing with grids, rows and columns easier and faster.
Export Images as 8-bit PNG
To export an image from Photoshop to PNG that is not needed to be transparent, export it as 8-bit PNG. Exporting this way rarely affects the image quality, but massively reduces the file size.
Alternatively, if you wish to maintain transparency while slashing file size, PNGQuant is the tool for you. Using this tool, you can easily convert 24-bit and 32-bit PNGs to 8-bit PNGs without affecting the transparency of the images.
Font Squirrel for Better Web Typography
Typography troubles are no more a concern for web designers as professional and cool free web fonts from Google Web Font, Font Squirrel and CSS3’s @font-face attribute provide you a huge range to choose from.
Familiarize with Dropbox
Whether a beginner or an experienced designer, you need to make a habit of backing up your data. Dropbox Pro is a great tool when it comes to versioning your files. You get 100GB of free storage space and the facility to version your files for 30 days consecutively.
From beginners to cheap website designers to design specialists, all can use these tricks to acquire an enhanced workflow.

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