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3 Signs it’s Time to Overhaul Your PPC Campaign

It’s been a while you’re into this cool thing called pay per click advertising (PPC) and a smattering of clicks in the past few months got you to believe you’re doing great.

Ok, you might need a reality check here.

So, ask yourself; are you really making money through PPC campaigns? How many clicks do you drive a day? And what about conversions?

Just because you’ve integrated PPC advertising into your business (seeing the competitors doing it) doesn’t mean your PPC campaigns are making your business money. There are chances your advertising campaigns would not work as expected and turn to be a wasteful investment instead.

But how do you tell if this is happening to your PPC campaigns?

Well, we researched and studied a few core metrics to identify common signs of ineffective PPC campaigns. If any or all of these signs sound familiar, you are certainly wasting your money and time.

Disorganised account

Having a huge number of campaigns and ad groups with too many keywords can create a mess in your account. Inactive and deleted campaigns may also clutter up in your account making a long time-consuming list to scroll through. Make sure to give your account a good cleaning once in a while so that you can only focus on campaign that are providing ROI.

Inappropriate targeting

It’s not about getting more and more visitors but about driving the right visitors to convert. Marketers who fail at their PPC advertising are often found out to be targeting what their customers are not really looking for. To get your ads displaying to valuable prospects/customers, it is important to well optimise your keywords and use them effectively in the ads.

A gradual decrease in conversions

Almost all PPC campaigns manage to get a fair amount of clicks initially but ultimately it’s conversion that counts. While occasional drops in conversion rate is absolutely normal, gradual and distinct declines may be something to worry about. It is advised to track ad campaigns on a regular basis so as to spot conversion downturns immediately and overhaul the campaigns accordingly.

Putting up an ad online to increase your traffic isn’t what PPC advertising is all about. It involves varied aspects from keyword building and management to data analysis to be considered in order to ensure pay per click success.

If you’re seeking PPC services of a professional agency or PPC expert, make sure you pick a certified and reliable provider who can deliver quality results. A run-of-the-mill service provider may not only cost you money and time but a lot of customers. So, make your choice carefully and get the most out of your PPC advertising.

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