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3 Web Design Themes Designers can Still Count On in 2017

So, what do you think is going to be the most loved design theme in 2017?

No guesses?

Well, it can be a bit difficult to say what design trends the future has for web designers but we can pretty much tell which design themes still have the chance to lead in 2017.

Without further ado, here are a few design themes that will continue to deliver unique user experiences this upcoming year.

Custom Illustrations

There are many designers that like the idea of using read-made layouts on the web. And why not?

Stock templates and icons are creative and visually alluring and help save your time and money.

But when it comes to standing out with your design, the custom approach becomes kind of a requisite. And therefore, some designers decide to put in extra time and money and go for custom-made illustrations.

Some of the best examples of websites that use illustrated layouts to increase the visual appeal include Babel, Code Slingers, Hunger Crunch, and Aggregift.

Tell Your Story

Visual storytelling is another proven way to create unique website experiences. While telling a story through a website can be an intricate approach, when done right, it can outdo any other kind of visual optimisation and elements and bring in more conversions.

The Museum of Mario, Talent Garden, Lapka, Reverend Danger and Inception Explained to name a few are some examples of the websites that compel large crowds of visitors to convert through their effective storytelling.

Semi-Flat Layout

When the Windows first introduced its Metro style, the flat design instantly become all the rage. However, it turned out later that the popular design style comes with some usability issues and leaves users a bit confused with its unintuitive layout and interface.

In order to fix usability problems, the flat style was morphed into semi-flat design, which has the same simplistic feel but with a more user-friendly interface. Semi-flat improves ease of usability while incorporating much depth and dimension into flat layout.

So, that was a small list of design themes that we think will continue to work in 2017. Furthermore, there might be other design trends of 2016 which designers and firms specialising in website designing in Australia can reply on in the upcoming year.

Keep your research going to work with the best design themes in 2017.

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How to Engage Visitors to a Sale with Better Web Page Design

Designing websites need careful thinking and planning. It’s not an ordinary day-to-day job. Web designing requires years of practise and experimentations. There are several elements of a website which adds up in making it successful, the most important is to “know your audience” and to let your audience “know who you are”. But how is that possible? Of course, it is a challenging task to reach out to the world and make an identity and it takes time. A properly made website can help you achieve your business goals.

How to Target the Audience by a Website Design?


To be very frank, a website shouldn’t be overwhelming. In fact, it should actually keep the customer’s interest intact. The users are scanners; they don’t really go through the entire content on your web page. So, following the basics of keeping the content short and sweet, yet informative and convincing is necessary.

Avoid taking the cheap web page design services that might distort the required traffic on your E-Store. Talking about mobile app, it should be easy and simple to use. The application designers don’t really need to fidget around with the HTML coding unnecessarily.  Just get it done the way you visualised it to be.


After the designing, it’s time for you to go live and for that a robust platform like Magento, Joomla, Shopify, WordPress should be considered. If you are an E-Commerce business, take services from certified developers instead of getting a cheap web page design which might cost you a lot in the future. Also, avoid keeping your content and data hostage, get a data migration efficiently to a platform serving whole spectrum of tools and features.


Representing the social media isn’t just about sticking a thumbnail on your web page. Any social channel (YouTube, Facebook Twitter, Pinterest) being linked to the first page of your website must create the right impression. Analyse and decide if the posts on social media are creating a positive impact on the customers and are they frequent enough? The best thing is to leave it in the hands of online marketing experts. They will make sure that the updates and of high quality and informative.


Visitors landing on your website are gathering information and checking if you can provide them with exactly what they are looking for. A web page designer must emphasise on creating a mobile friendly website which has a responsive layout to meet modern day browsing standards.

Here are few ingredients to prepare the ideal design:

  • Domain Name
  • Navigation
  • Breadcrumb
  • Page Speed
  • Favicons, Brands & Logos
  • Redirection
  • Media Query
  • Validation
  • Site Map etc.

In the field of website designing, new ideas keep emerging every day. Your website should be a benchmark for visitor statistics because once the customers are satisfied 15-25% are most likely to return. Each visitor will view around 20 pages in a month and around 2% of the customer will proceed further. With a cheap website design, would you be risking this 2%? In fact it can be increased with better advancements and marketing strategies.

Make an immediate connection when a customer visits your website, and be consistent with your overall brand and communication. A simple activity of SEO will ensure that your website is listed at the top for relevant Google searches. This will make sure that you are in the limelight while you can pay heed towards improving volume and traffic through natural or organic searches.

So, rejuvenating your website and optimise and make it flexible enough to meet the needs of your target audience. These small strategies will reduce friction on your site and will ultimately lead to more conversions and revenue for the company.

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Business Web Designing Vital Components

Everything is designed, but only few things are designed really well!

Today, website is an effective medium to promote your business and grow it greatly beyond boundaries. Everyone now uses internet for purchasing, selling, seeking relevant information, social networking and online transactions. But grabbing attention from appropriate audiences can immediately boost up your sites overall performance. A good business web design and out of the box ideation is the essence of the success for an online business.

If your website is informative, attractive and easily navigable attracting more visitors, your business will definitely succeed. With more visitors, websites hold top positions in the search engine rankings. For your business to prosper, it is essential to stay competitive. There are numerous organisations now a days helping you grow your business and offering cheap web development services. But Website Designer specialists in Australia not only help you in designing an excellent website easily navigable by targeted visitors rather even provide 24-7 services at affordable prices. You can accomplish your business goals conveniently without compromising with the quality of work. The specialists here are knowledgeable and experienced. Whether designing a simple website or by using latest technologies, all solutions to meet your specific needs are offered in quick time.

For getting a perfect web design for your online store, there are certain areas you need to be careful about:

  • Good user-interface
  • Search option
  • Sitemap
  • Various payment methods
  • Contact information
  • Avoid lengthy domain names and always keep the website header catchy.

Engaging a reputed business web designing firm is at times a difficult task. Therefore, it is always advisable to undertake thorough research before handing over your web designing work. Do not just go for a cheap website development agency offering low prices, but even consider all aspects of your business for complete satisfaction!

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Designing a Website, Avoid these Errors!

Plenty of Web Page Designers today make the same choices when designing a website. The content in most sites is not updated regularly to comply with the latest industry practices and trends. It is always advisable to test a site with adequate feedback for better outcomes keeping in touch with user preferences.

Some common errors people make in website designing are:

Flash Intro

Without a proper introduction, users get prevented from viewing the actual needs.

Reachability to maximum audiences

It has a major impact on the number of visitors who can access all-flash (no HTML version) website. Nobody using iOS can view these intros, this reduces its overall reach. Users need to see your site even without proper plug-in.

Mobile Friendliness

While designing for the web, you cannot afford skipping content in terms of mobile use. According to a recent research most of the adults use smartphones today and primarily for shopping. Browsing is done through phones and in case when a potential client shops from your site is unable to load it because their mobile phone doesn’t support it, the brand reputation is completely ruined. Similarly, when a site stops responding or adapting to a smaller screen, it might lead to user’s trouble for enlarging text and imagery.

Contact Details

Visitors need to reach and contact you, either through online forms or emails. Provide a receipt for visual reassurance in online forms to gain the trust and loyalty from clients. Phone details are always optional yet convincing in many cases.

No Way to Bookmark Individual Areas of the Website

In many cases, bookmarking separate areas of the site proves valuable. When a potential customer views your work aligning with their needs, allow easy bookmarks.

Generic Website Theme

If you use templates, or any number of content management systems (CMSs), customize things whenever possible. Choose a unique template and if the CMS has some identifier, try removing it.

Get best web page designers according to your demands in quick time with #Website Designers!

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