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3 Web Design Themes Designers can Still Count On in 2017

So, what do you think is going to be the most loved design theme in 2017?

No guesses?

Well, it can be a bit difficult to say what design trends the future has for web designers but we can pretty much tell which design themes still have the chance to lead in 2017.

Without further ado, here are a few design themes that will continue to deliver unique user experiences this upcoming year.

Custom Illustrations

There are many designers that like the idea of using read-made layouts on the web. And why not?

Stock templates and icons are creative and visually alluring and help save your time and money.

But when it comes to standing out with your design, the custom approach becomes kind of a requisite. And therefore, some designers decide to put in extra time and money and go for custom-made illustrations.

Some of the best examples of websites that use illustrated layouts to increase the visual appeal include Babel, Code Slingers, Hunger Crunch, and Aggregift.

Tell Your Story

Visual storytelling is another proven way to create unique website experiences. While telling a story through a website can be an intricate approach, when done right, it can outdo any other kind of visual optimisation and elements and bring in more conversions.

The Museum of Mario, Talent Garden, Lapka, Reverend Danger and Inception Explained to name a few are some examples of the websites that compel large crowds of visitors to convert through their effective storytelling.

Semi-Flat Layout

When the Windows first introduced its Metro style, the flat design instantly become all the rage. However, it turned out later that the popular design style comes with some usability issues and leaves users a bit confused with its unintuitive layout and interface.

In order to fix usability problems, the flat style was morphed into semi-flat design, which has the same simplistic feel but with a more user-friendly interface. Semi-flat improves ease of usability while incorporating much depth and dimension into flat layout.

So, that was a small list of design themes that we think will continue to work in 2017. Furthermore, there might be other design trends of 2016 which designers and firms specialising in website designing in Australia can reply on in the upcoming year.

Keep your research going to work with the best design themes in 2017.

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Decoding Web Success: The Recipe for Effective Web Content and a Successful Website

A website must have an intriguing design that pleases visitors, features and functionality that provide visitors with a seamless experience and encourage them to convert into customers.
And what about the content that would appear on your web pages? Persuasive content is said to build powerful brands. What content goes on the web pages plays an imperative role in forming prospects’ perception around the brand and its products/services and influencing their decisions. However, even the most experienced writers have to put in the hard yards to have visitors’ attention to their products and services.


Building effective content isn’t just about getting your visitors reading it and making them aware of your business or affordable web services, but persuading them to take action in favour of your brand. So, how does one go about writing web copy that converts?
While it requires one to put in time and creative thoughts to write compelling yet productive web copy, we’ve gathered a few tips that will help you create persuasive copy for the web.
Put Customers’ Needs above All
Before you go on to create web copy, you need to first consider your visitors, the audience you wish to target. Customers are what makes or breaks your business. The website should be designed to provide the information your targeted audience is looking for.
Consider the Writing Manner
While you’re considering what your visitors or potential customers seek, pay attention to the way and style you need to present the desired information in. As web content only represents your brand and help prospects know about your products and services, it must appear on the web pages in an interesting yet organised fashion.
Create Visual Interest
Website design can go a long way to impact the readability of your web content. When presented in a creative and thoughtful manner, web design and content complement each other and make your products/services more desirable. To increase the visual appeal of your web copy, you can highlight content using different fonts, bold text and font sizes. Alternatively, you can add bullet points and use photographs and videos organised in an appealing way on the web pages.
Apart from these tips, you may consider being specific and clear, including all relevant information and unique landing pages for specific topics and keeping updated to make your content stand out and have your prospects convinced to buy from you.

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