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3 Website Design Rudiments Every Start-Up Must Heed

There’s a large crowd of marketers out there. Every start-up company intending to get online has to have a tool to make their business clearly distinguishable.

And your website is the tool that is going to serve the same purpose.

When you’re starting out as a new business, the first impression remains of great importance. As you get only one chance to make the first impression with potential customers, it is imperative to ensure that your website is good enough to leave an impression that is not just influential but lasting.

Here are three key aspects of impactful website design and an incredible first impression.

Embrace Simplicity

Being a new excited business owner, you might be tempted to include fancy features and elements to make people like and admire your site.

But remember that admiration is not your goal as a new start-up. You need prospects who can convert into valuable customers and drive sale and revenue for your business.

Keep your design simple yet distinct by including elements that complement your business and products/services rather than create a clutter with unnecessary features.

Get the Message Out

For a new start-up, it is always challenging to get people to notice their new business amongst the crowd and then sway them into converting. With a pertinent web design, however, the job gets much easier.

Users that land on your website for the first time require something to not just grab their attention but also retain it. Your web copy should distinctly imply what your business is all about. Tell your prospects why they should do business with you, how your products and service differ from your competitors and everything that will encourage them to convert.

Get Future-proof

While it is natural for most beginners, specifically those on low budget, to skimp on web design and development costs, it’s not acceptable to compromise quality for money.
With the constantly increasing population of users relying on smartphone browsing for their shopping needs, it is crucial to optimise your site for mobile devices and tablets. With a non- responsive website, you might be missing a significant portion of your targeted audience.

Does you start-up web design meet these requirements?

If you feel your new website lacks in terms of design and functionality, hire a team of professional website designers in Australia. Getting an expert working on your website design will make sure your start-up gets a good start online and meet business goals.

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3 Web Design Themes Designers can Still Count On in 2017

So, what do you think is going to be the most loved design theme in 2017?

No guesses?

Well, it can be a bit difficult to say what design trends the future has for web designers but we can pretty much tell which design themes still have the chance to lead in 2017.

Without further ado, here are a few design themes that will continue to deliver unique user experiences this upcoming year.

Custom Illustrations

There are many designers that like the idea of using read-made layouts on the web. And why not?

Stock templates and icons are creative and visually alluring and help save your time and money.

But when it comes to standing out with your design, the custom approach becomes kind of a requisite. And therefore, some designers decide to put in extra time and money and go for custom-made illustrations.

Some of the best examples of websites that use illustrated layouts to increase the visual appeal include Babel, Code Slingers, Hunger Crunch, and Aggregift.

Tell Your Story

Visual storytelling is another proven way to create unique website experiences. While telling a story through a website can be an intricate approach, when done right, it can outdo any other kind of visual optimisation and elements and bring in more conversions.

The Museum of Mario, Talent Garden, Lapka, Reverend Danger and Inception Explained to name a few are some examples of the websites that compel large crowds of visitors to convert through their effective storytelling.

Semi-Flat Layout

When the Windows first introduced its Metro style, the flat design instantly become all the rage. However, it turned out later that the popular design style comes with some usability issues and leaves users a bit confused with its unintuitive layout and interface.

In order to fix usability problems, the flat style was morphed into semi-flat design, which has the same simplistic feel but with a more user-friendly interface. Semi-flat improves ease of usability while incorporating much depth and dimension into flat layout.

So, that was a small list of design themes that we think will continue to work in 2017. Furthermore, there might be other design trends of 2016 which designers and firms specialising in website designing in Australia can reply on in the upcoming year.

Keep your research going to work with the best design themes in 2017.

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3 Signs it’s Time to Overhaul Your PPC Campaign

It’s been a while you’re into this cool thing called pay per click advertising (PPC) and a smattering of clicks in the past few months got you to believe you’re doing great.

Ok, you might need a reality check here.

So, ask yourself; are you really making money through PPC campaigns? How many clicks do you drive a day? And what about conversions?

Just because you’ve integrated PPC advertising into your business (seeing the competitors doing it) doesn’t mean your PPC campaigns are making your business money. There are chances your advertising campaigns would not work as expected and turn to be a wasteful investment instead.

But how do you tell if this is happening to your PPC campaigns?

Well, we researched and studied a few core metrics to identify common signs of ineffective PPC campaigns. If any or all of these signs sound familiar, you are certainly wasting your money and time.

Disorganised account

Having a huge number of campaigns and ad groups with too many keywords can create a mess in your account. Inactive and deleted campaigns may also clutter up in your account making a long time-consuming list to scroll through. Make sure to give your account a good cleaning once in a while so that you can only focus on campaign that are providing ROI.

Inappropriate targeting

It’s not about getting more and more visitors but about driving the right visitors to convert. Marketers who fail at their PPC advertising are often found out to be targeting what their customers are not really looking for. To get your ads displaying to valuable prospects/customers, it is important to well optimise your keywords and use them effectively in the ads.

A gradual decrease in conversions

Almost all PPC campaigns manage to get a fair amount of clicks initially but ultimately it’s conversion that counts. While occasional drops in conversion rate is absolutely normal, gradual and distinct declines may be something to worry about. It is advised to track ad campaigns on a regular basis so as to spot conversion downturns immediately and overhaul the campaigns accordingly.

Putting up an ad online to increase your traffic isn’t what PPC advertising is all about. It involves varied aspects from keyword building and management to data analysis to be considered in order to ensure pay per click success.

If you’re seeking PPC services of a professional agency or PPC expert, make sure you pick a certified and reliable provider who can deliver quality results. A run-of-the-mill service provider may not only cost you money and time but a lot of customers. So, make your choice carefully and get the most out of your PPC advertising.

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5 Simple and Quick Web Design Tricks for Beginners to Try

As a beginner, it’s always a bit challenging to create intriguing and professional designs. However, over time, every website designer happens to build its own collection of tricks, hacks and workflows to not only create designs but also bring them to life with their experience and knowledge.
Moreover, until you build your own effective design tricks and hacks, we’ve got you some secrets and tricks that can help you improve your design and speed up your workflow.
Collect Color Inspiration
A designer needs to be wise while choosing colors. Cohesive color schemes can make a huge difference to the visual appearance of a website. To create inspired color schemes, put together varied color palettes and match up colors strategically.
Use GuideGuide
Grids are the building blocks of a website. However, setting up new grids each time you design in Photoshop, can be a tedious task. GuideGuide extension in Photoshop is what makes dealing with grids, rows and columns easier and faster.
Export Images as 8-bit PNG
To export an image from Photoshop to PNG that is not needed to be transparent, export it as 8-bit PNG. Exporting this way rarely affects the image quality, but massively reduces the file size.
Alternatively, if you wish to maintain transparency while slashing file size, PNGQuant is the tool for you. Using this tool, you can easily convert 24-bit and 32-bit PNGs to 8-bit PNGs without affecting the transparency of the images.
Font Squirrel for Better Web Typography
Typography troubles are no more a concern for web designers as professional and cool free web fonts from Google Web Font, Font Squirrel and CSS3’s @font-face attribute provide you a huge range to choose from.
Familiarize with Dropbox
Whether a beginner or an experienced designer, you need to make a habit of backing up your data. Dropbox Pro is a great tool when it comes to versioning your files. You get 100GB of free storage space and the facility to version your files for 30 days consecutively.
From beginners to cheap website designers to design specialists, all can use these tricks to acquire an enhanced workflow.

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Get a Website Which Is Tailored To the Business Specific Needs!!

At the very beginning, the world of websites was saturated with gadgets, widgets and other colourful distractions. That’s when the internet and websites started to prosper. The sudden technological boom created a strong platform for the website designers. They were allowed to be more creative as a result: millions of amazingly designed websites solving one common purpose i.e. e-Commerce. The idea behind the designers was to bring more and more people to the websites in order to broadcast what you have in store for them.

What Is the Major Challenge for an Online Retailer?

Soon it became a trend and open-source platforms like Magento, Shoify etc. helped web designers to create sleek, pixel-free designs. As an impact, users became impatient and don’t really suffer a single second delay when surfing an e-store through a website or an app. In fact even a millisecond gap is frustrating for a browser to bounce off to a different service provider. So, getting a website which is up-to-date and works faster is crucial. A website designer who can implement these positive changes on your web design by making the best use of feature rich platforms is what we all need.

Having a leverage to beat the competitors and to occupy a strong position in the SERPs has proven to be helpful. As per the regular Google updates, apart from having better browsing speed and appropriate web-content, the website design should be responsive too. As an entrepreneur, you wouldn’t want to compromise on potential customers who are more comfortable using mobile phones. A responsive website will make sure to work well with a tablet, a smart phone or a desktop computer. These are also the key factors for SEO rankings. Few changes can get you sales, customer loyalty and a better search results.

The tweaks mentioned above are very critical; you need to pay more heed towards remodelling/creating a website that considerably improves your business approach. Avail the best web-solutions!

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