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3 Website Design Rudiments Every Start-Up Must Heed

There’s a large crowd of marketers out there. Every start-up company intending to get online has to have a tool to make their business clearly distinguishable.

And your website is the tool that is going to serve the same purpose.

When you’re starting out as a new business, the first impression remains of great importance. As you get only one chance to make the first impression with potential customers, it is imperative to ensure that your website is good enough to leave an impression that is not just influential but lasting.

Here are three key aspects of impactful website design and an incredible first impression.

Embrace Simplicity

Being a new excited business owner, you might be tempted to include fancy features and elements to make people like and admire your site.

But remember that admiration is not your goal as a new start-up. You need prospects who can convert into valuable customers and drive sale and revenue for your business.

Keep your design simple yet distinct by including elements that complement your business and products/services rather than create a clutter with unnecessary features.

Get the Message Out

For a new start-up, it is always challenging to get people to notice their new business amongst the crowd and then sway them into converting. With a pertinent web design, however, the job gets much easier.

Users that land on your website for the first time require something to not just grab their attention but also retain it. Your web copy should distinctly imply what your business is all about. Tell your prospects why they should do business with you, how your products and service differ from your competitors and everything that will encourage them to convert.

Get Future-proof

While it is natural for most beginners, specifically those on low budget, to skimp on web design and development costs, it’s not acceptable to compromise quality for money.
With the constantly increasing population of users relying on smartphone browsing for their shopping needs, it is crucial to optimise your site for mobile devices and tablets. With a non- responsive website, you might be missing a significant portion of your targeted audience.

Does you start-up web design meet these requirements?

If you feel your new website lacks in terms of design and functionality, hire a team of professional website designers in Australia. Getting an expert working on your website design will make sure your start-up gets a good start online and meet business goals.

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Decoding Web Success: The Recipe for Effective Web Content and a Successful Website

A website must have an intriguing design that pleases visitors, features and functionality that provide visitors with a seamless experience and encourage them to convert into customers.
And what about the content that would appear on your web pages? Persuasive content is said to build powerful brands. What content goes on the web pages plays an imperative role in forming prospects’ perception around the brand and its products/services and influencing their decisions. However, even the most experienced writers have to put in the hard yards to have visitors’ attention to their products and services.


Building effective content isn’t just about getting your visitors reading it and making them aware of your business or affordable web services, but persuading them to take action in favour of your brand. So, how does one go about writing web copy that converts?
While it requires one to put in time and creative thoughts to write compelling yet productive web copy, we’ve gathered a few tips that will help you create persuasive copy for the web.
Put Customers’ Needs above All
Before you go on to create web copy, you need to first consider your visitors, the audience you wish to target. Customers are what makes or breaks your business. The website should be designed to provide the information your targeted audience is looking for.
Consider the Writing Manner
While you’re considering what your visitors or potential customers seek, pay attention to the way and style you need to present the desired information in. As web content only represents your brand and help prospects know about your products and services, it must appear on the web pages in an interesting yet organised fashion.
Create Visual Interest
Website design can go a long way to impact the readability of your web content. When presented in a creative and thoughtful manner, web design and content complement each other and make your products/services more desirable. To increase the visual appeal of your web copy, you can highlight content using different fonts, bold text and font sizes. Alternatively, you can add bullet points and use photographs and videos organised in an appealing way on the web pages.
Apart from these tips, you may consider being specific and clear, including all relevant information and unique landing pages for specific topics and keeping updated to make your content stand out and have your prospects convinced to buy from you.

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Website Launch Checklist: Have You Got It All Covered?

Creating a website doesn’t come easy to designers and developers. From creating an engaging web design to adding robust functionalities, every single element calls for utmost diligence and ingenuity. And even after a website is developed and ready to launch, there’s a lot to consider and accomplish.
Launching a website can be as stressful as exciting it is. A number of websites hit the web daily, but fail to make an impact because of a number of reasons including design imperfections and functionality issues that have a direct effect on website’s credibility and authority. For a successful launch of your website, it is required to pay attention to a ton of detail.
That being said, if you’re a website designer, developer or a business owner with the launch or re-launch of your website just around the corner, consider these pointers to ensure a successful website launch.

  • Check your content for errors. Spelling and grammar mistakes, typos, improper punctuation marks, no matter how minor or major, can take a heavy toll on your website’ credibility. Form formatting to quality, have your content proofread by a number of individuals before it goes live.
  • Create a favicon for your site. The tiny yet vital icon that identifies your website on the tab or window it is opened helps a lot with brand recognition.
  • Before going live, have your website checked across multiple platforms (browsers) to ensure it looks good and works efficiently on all devices, providing a great user experience.
  • While titles and meta tags do not serve a significant purpose, they highly affect their decision to click/open the respective link for your site. So they better be precise, and relevant enough to grab your audience’s attention.
  • Perform a functionality check to ensure everything from contact forms to links included work smoothly.

Ensuring these points will only make sure both you and your audience would not have to face unpleasant surprises. Nevertheless, launching is just the beginning and errors (if any) could be fixed even after the launch with the help of professional website designers and developers.

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3 Website Design Trends of 2015 You Can’t Simply Give a Miss

Years are rolling by and no doubt, every new year is marked by some better and more significant website design techniques that manage to revolutionize the way those website designers around the world create web designs and templates. While fonts, like Arial, Trebuchet and Tahoma made and presentation tools, like Parallax, short videos and infographics made it through the year 2014, here are some web design trends that modern web designers can expect to encounter in 2015.
Present Slideshows and Galleries
It goes without saying that large, profound images catch everyone’s eye and when it comes to business websites on the web, they do make a difference. With increasingly popularizing idea of responsive web design, it’s become an essential need to make a website look great and provide an unparalleled user experience no matter the platform or device being used. Immaculate galleries and dynamic slideshows are being noticed to make their way to most websites on the web.
Hide Those Main Menus
Hidden main menus, which you may call another interesting technique of responsive design, can be seen on more and more websites. Main menus are kept hidden on the home page to be discovered by visitors when they actually find the website appealing to them and show interest in knowing more about the site or company.
Go Big with Typography
Large headings and typography really pull it off last year and the trend seem to be around in 2015 as well. Large typography right on the home page is something that can’t be simply passed up. The fact that large things always grab our attention first makes this trend go all the way. Go large with your headings and typography, you’ll won’t fail to impress visitors with the great visual statement your website makes.
It won’t be wrong to say that these web design trends are certainly going to help modern as well as old designers with their diverse design and development needs in 2015. Moreover, having gone through these trends if you wish to get an appealing website, there are a number of experienced design individuals and firms out there that provide cheap web development and web design solutions.

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